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Hello Project presents:

semigloss. Magazine presents:

Sympathy for the Devil

Friday, December 12, 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Please join Hello Project in welcoming semigloss. Magazine to Houston! Come out this Friday, December 12th, from 7-10pm, for live sound, Skype performances, installations, kegs, and more!


For a cause! Bring cash! Purchase back issues of semigloss! Donate money to support semigloss. Magazine's upcoming SOUND issue and their amazing work collaborating with artists from all over the world! Fork over tha loot for karaoke sessions and beer from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.!

And prepare for sensory overload! Hear sound works from semigloss. Magazine's upcoming SOUND issue!
Experience work from:

Morehshin Allahyari
Jesse Morgan Barnett
Nino Baumgartner
Peter Lucas
Carolyn Sortor



For more information please contact the gallery at:

Farewell my friend, my sound.

Without audible language, my voice disappears. The world’s voice is silent too. I'll have residue of oral language, but it's a violent cut-off. Text is the new forever.

I will never hear your voice again. Me verbally communicating with you shuts down. I'm sure silence resembles a frightening perception of being underwater. I'm ranting here, but solitary confinement, spinning in deep space, and Blindness freak me out. In some ways, it settles on a coping ability. I'm worried I'm less capable to handle going blind.

For now we can exhaust all sensual actions and respond to an existence that
 we have been delicately balanced for. Spiders shouldn't be able to build such perfect and beautiful structures of line, form and space, but they do it without thought. I wonder if the spider can admire their webs, or the webs of other spiders. I'm getting off track, but at the same time am wondering about creation as instinct, does that play a role in us? Completely independent of senses.

If spiders could admire their work separated from survival functionality, then they are capable of contemplating leisure time. With this down time, a web philosophy would emerge, metaphors for their actions and relationship to a world would be birthed, and ultimately, meaningful architecture would be designed to preserve this culture they are now aware of. I like your spider comment. We are not only built to carry on physically, but also equipped to advance records of the objects, lives, and events associated with our collective inheritance. We've been given two fantastic superpowers to navigate the external and internal landscapes of being. Losing either would create a handicap. More so if we began in either hole.

Seeing leads to thinking in the work. Without sight my process disappears with an uppercut to the nose bone. Undoubtedly a major blow. We would get up eventually.

But without sound, my process wouldn't disappear. My adaptation would suggest that it might be overflowing into itself. Vision, already key, would become even more significant. Dare I say, Super Vision? Should I actually ask for deafness this Christmas?

I feel jinxed already. :[]

-Jesse Morgan Barnett & Bradly Brown, 2014